Consultant Logo Design – Three Common Errors A Graphic Designer Should Avoid

Every business today is in dire need of new and refreshing ways to promote itself due to such intense and competitive times where customers are presented with a heap of services they can opt for. Therefore, there is a bunch of marketing tactics adopted by the contemporary business entrepreneurs out of which the most apprehended one is a logo.

It helps in reaching the mass audience which expands the overall business exposure both nationally and internationally. To put it simply, a business that reaches more, exposes more and attracts more is the winner in today’s competitive industry whereas; those who are not interested in creating a brand mark for their business are pushed backward.

Consulting businesses are also into the business of marketing themselves with the help of consultant logo but sometimes they end up with a redundant and outdated business identity. Why? Most probably because they think from their own perspective, so to create a brand mark identity one has to think from the mind of the target market.

Let me tell you what are the usual mistakes that a consultant company owner commits while designing his corporate identity?

1- Colors are the biggest part of the deal as every color has its own meaning which has to be reflected through a logo but most of the business owners tend to use the colors which they like and this is where their whole efforts get failed. It is therefore very crucial to choose the right color scheme for such corporate identity. You should;

a) Avoid your personal preferences for you might like red but that won’t go with the nature of the business you are running.
b) Study the color’s meaning so that you can make the most of them in order to impart psychological and emotional influences on your potential customers.

Colors that are mostly preferred by the graphic designers are green, black, navy and red while yellow and orange can be found as a combination to depict achievement, exuberance and boost.

2- This business provides technical solutions and advice to their clients; so in short, we can say that they are the solution providers. It is a common observation that these corporate identities seems not to invite customers for solving their problems. Moreover, it also looks fussy, cluttered and overdone at times which is the opposite of consulting business’s theme. In short, a consulting logo should look corporate in nature and unfussy in style.

3- When we say creative design, we mean a logo intelligently cultivated in a sense that it only represents a particular business. This goal can also be achieved with the help of simple text containing the business name only. Loads of colorful images with a mixture of many colors won’t do the work for you. You can also have a search on various huge corporate identities of this particular business to get an idea of what is creativity?

I haven’t told you about the secret techniques or something out of the world for creating these brand identities, the only thing you need to do is to think from your target audience perspective to come up with state of the art business identity.

Warning: You Don’t Need A Hairstylist, You Need an Image Consultant


This article explains why you don’t need a hair stylist. The problem with using a hair stylist is described. Basically the difficulty lies in the lack of a holistic approach, and the absence of an understanding of the big picture. Using an image consultant is a more effective approach to looking good.


You need to get your hair styled, that’s a given. But you don’t need a hair stylist to do it. The reason is that a hair stylist suffers from tunnel vision. This means they see only your head. They don’t take into consideration the bigger picture.

You need to have a person look at your career, your accomplishments, and your dreams before they touch a hair on your head. A hair stylist isn’t trained to do this, and as a result they’ll focus only on your hair. They miss the big picture.


True, many hair stylists are nice people. They’re friendly. They have to be since they work with people every day. So they may mislead you into thinking that they’re doing you a valuable service by styling your hair. But they’re limited in the same way that a trusts and estates lawyer is limited to knowing only what is related to trusts and estates. Sure, that lawyer may know a little bit about contracts and a little bit about Constitutional law, but he suffers from tunnel vision and can’t usually see beyond trusts and estates. In the same way, a hairdresser may know a little bit about your life and a little bit about your wardrobe, but he still suffers from tunnel vision and doesn’t see the big picture. Even the most celebrated and highest paid hair stylists suffer from this tunnel vision.

Remember, the big picture is all about you. It’s a vision of your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Only an image consultant sees this big picture and can advise you on the appropriate hairstyles for your life, your goals, and your dreams.


Don’t sell yourself short by going to a hair stylist. You’ll miss out on the perspective that only an image consultant can provide.

Men and women of leisure use image consultants to show them new hairstyles that are cute for women, and dashing for men. Only after getting to know you will your image consultant introduce you to a barber or a hair stylist. He’ll even instruct the stylist in how to cut and style your hair for maximum effect. Of course, the cut will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Can you imagine Keith Richards just walking into a barber shop and saying, “Cut my hair, please.” Absolutely not! Instead, he uses an image consultant to find out the best look for his rock and roll lifestyle, and then he gets the barber to do the job right by following the directions of the image consultant. Sometimes, out of frustration, Keith even cuts his own hair rather than walking into a barber shop where he knows they’ll ruin his look!

By using an image consultant you can avoid the tunnel vision that comes with going to a hair stylist or barber. In the final analysis, you’ll discover a better hair style, one more suited to your hopes, dreams, and lifestyle.

What Do You Need to Become a Beauty Consultant

As it is widely known “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”, outer beauty is considered a significant personality trait among the people across the globe. The desire to be beautiful is not simply a fad. Attractive faces ‘prime’ our minds to be more likely associated with a positive emotion. Therefore all human beings, especially women, are in a non-ending race of becoming and staying approved in the eyes of the beholder. People have been investing their hard-earned money every month for beauty products, beauty services, and the like in order to get approved by the masses.

A pretty face will always make a lasting impression. A beauty consultant is a person you have to trust when it comes to makeup. Beauty consultants are certified professionals who take care of the hair, nails, facial features, skin treatments and work on how to enhance them while keeping them as natural and pleasing to the eye as possible. People who have physical problems pertaining to the face such as scars, acne, oily skin and others should seek the guidance from a beautician.

You can find an abundance of salons, therapy centres, aromatherapy places, plastic surgery specialists and personal health consultants all around the United Kingdom. Becoming a successful cosmetologist yourself requires expert knowledge of various cosmetics, therapeutic know-how and requires a lot of practice in this trade. Other than that, the personal qualities of a beauty consultant are often more important than formal qualities. Beauty adviser should also be sophisticated, have a well groomed appearance and a high standard of personal hygiene.

Beauty consultants can be found in various beauty salons, clinics and hospitals, health spas and high-street hotels all over the Europe. They recommend products that are suitable for a customer skin type, skin tone, hair, makeup, clothing, and cosmetic procedures while providing tips about how to walk, speak, and carry oneself to improve personal image, and so making you feel more beautiful, natural and professionally polished. SearchMe4 is the online fast, free and friendly business search engine providing free access to the listings of the best beauty consultants and specialists all around the UK.

Warning: You Don’t Need An Image Consultant or Personal Stylist


This article explains why you don’t need an image consultant or personal stylist. It points out that using the services of an image consultant is a luxury and is usually only appropriate for those who are wealthy, successful, or on their way up in the world.


You may think that you need an image consultant or personal stylist, but the fact is that using one is a luxury, not a necessity. Most people can figure out what clothes to wear with some success on their own; although, unfortunately, many people make mistakes when selecting footwear and business and casual attire. Nevertheless, these mistakes are not life threatening. So most people can get by without an image consultant or personal stylist.


True, many successful musicians, actors, and politicians use image consultants and personal stylists. But they don’t need them either. They usually consider it fun and interesting to use such services. Keith Richards and Jeff Koons, for example, were both already successful and earning millions when they decided to use personal stylists to help them define their look. Their use of an expert in this capacity did not really make them that much more successful, either. They were able to afford the services, so they did it as a fun thing to do.


A necessity is something, like food, water, and shelter, that is vital to life. A luxury is something, like a diamond ring or a Caribbean vacation, that you don’t really need to survive but that is still nice to have. By now it should be clear that using an image consultant is not, strictly speaking, a necessity. By any reasonable man’s standards, it is a luxury.

Image consultants have an obligation to be honest, which is why we’re admitting that we’re a luxury. But for those who have the time and the inclination to enjoy life to the fullest, we’re here for you. Yes, we’re here to provide the same advice that celebrities and A-list actors receive all the time. Just keep in mind that using our services is a treat, like going away to Acapulco for a couple of weeks. You don’t need that, of course, but it sure can be fun.

The Best Thing About Social Media Consultants

It is not a surprise anymore that technology has brought about a lot of developments in man’s life. In the past couple of years, technology has introduced more projects to lessen the struggles of human life and one of them is the Internet. It has surely changed the way people communicated and the way people meet with other people. And this change has also brought about the desired changes in terms of doing business.

The internet itself did not stop developing tools that people can use to promote their products as well as to strengthen their business. Social media marketing has become one of the largest programs that promote business in the internet because it is the easiest way to reach out to people. However, if you are not yet sure what to do and where to start, you can always ask the help of social media consultants. They are good in doing business through social networking sites and they can do exactly what you want them to do.

If you are seriously considering finding the perfect consultant who can work well with you, then here are some of the things that make a perfect social media consultant:

The best person for the position is someone who can write well and produce quality content for your readers. If you already have an existing content, a social media consultant who is equipped with the right skills should be able to make good use of this content to optimize the website and drive more traffic into it. This shall also convince more and more people to read through.

The best person to become a consultant should know a lot of strategies in using social media marketing. There is no such thing as a fixed process of how things are done. It is about trying out new things all the time and making sure that each one works to your advantage.

Third of all, the person you choose to be your social media consultant should be a social being himself. He should be aware of the differences among the social networking sites and should know where your target audience is and be able to help your business.

Hiring Non-Immigrants by IT-Consulting Companies – Top Three Concerns

Information Technology consulting companies in United States hire foreign nationals from other countries. Dealing with immigration issues is one of their major challenges. Having worked in a Lawfirm and Information Technology consulting company, I can relate to the challenges that a business owner goes through. I am not an expert, but from my experience I would like to share my observation on IT Consulting companies that have say less than 50 employees. Let us name this group as IT-50 Business owner. Typically IT-50 business owner handles almost all the functions such as Business development, Recruitment and Immigration on her/his own. In my opinion here are the three major CONCERNS faced by these business owners, when hiring a Non-immigrant worker:

To hire an employee in the shortest possible time

While some companies choose to process their work permit applications in-house, others hire Immigration attorney/consultants. Typically an immigration team comprises of the business owner, Immigration Department (In-house or outsourced team) and Immigration Law firm. One of the biggest concerns is to hire a Non-Immigrant worker in the shortest possible time. This means the Immigration team needs to be aware of the time line, have checklists and systems in place to collect the documents from the prospective employee/employer. These documents need to be submitted in time to the Immigration Law firm for processing the work permit applications as per USCIS guidelines . Premium processing option is offered by USCIS for some petitions for quicker decision. Both the prospective employee and the employer needs to be aware of the document requirements for work permit and make sincere efforts to submit in time. In my experience I have found that having an efficient Immigration Department (In-house or outsourced team), that truly cares, commits and does timely follow up will definitely help in cutting the time in terms of proprietary work.

Record Keeping

For an employer to run his company with peace of mind, he wants to ensure that records pertaining to both the employer and employee are kept safe and are compliant with Governmental regulations. Many companies receive training from Immigration attorney/consultant to ensure compliance and proper record keeping. Some Immigration attorneys/consultants visit the employers’ facility to provide on the job training.

Employees need to be taken care of THROUGH the immigration process

In my experience this seems to be the biggest concern for IT-50 business owner. Immigration is a very important component for an employee’s retention. Hence the IT-50 business owner wants to make sure that the company provides proper and correct legal support. Some are very keen in hiring Immigration attorney/consultants that are conversant with the language/culture of the employee. This makes communication easy and facilitates smooth flow of the process. In addition to employee’s immigration issues, an IT-50 business owner wants his dependent’s Visa issues also to be addressed in correct and timely manner.

Action Exercises

Here are the two things you can consider doing:

Review your Immigration team’s performance. Are there any areas you can reduce the time taken to communicate effectively? Do you need to create checklist or automate? Just do it.

As you know Immigration is a very important component for an employee’s retention, survey your current employees, find out one key area that needs their attention and implement it right away.

Make the Best Out of Your Personal Branding Consultant Services!

The competition could hit anyone from anywhere. It could be out of the industry, within the industry or within oneself. Here, shall we discuss on how these three insurgencies strike any particular person or company, and what would be the role of a personal branding consultant in these situations:

Outside the Industry

A person may be from a particular industry, say for example a textile industry. And due to the steep and continuous growth or downfall in the parallel and non-parallel industries – such as the energy industry, or hardware industry, or even service industries like telecom; the company in the picture could bear the effects in minimal or greater extent. There could be an impossible number of combinations pertaining to this, but only for better understanding, here we take the hardware industry.

The relation between the textile industry and the hardware industry would merge and complement each other when it comes to the machinery needed for textile printing. If the machines needed for textile printing are not being manufactured efficiently, owing to some deficiency in procuring the machine’s hardware – that supports the built; the textile company could also face unknown consequences. Its prints could get inefficient. There could be a drop in the quality of the prints.

But, here’s where the role of a personal branding consultant comes into the picture. Consulting them results in the CEO’s ability to foresee the changes that are about to hit the market so that he/she is prepared to face it. It also helps the manager to face the consequences with a calm and a composed head.

Within the Industry

Only competition could rise within the industry or there could also be a dull performance in a particular year – owing to the changes in the policies of the government. A personal branding consultant prepares one’s mind-set of how to face dire consequences and how to maintain and retain the in-house public and the clients. Labour union problems may also arise. Here, the manager must have a commanding personality to gain everyone’s favour by being diplomatic.

Within Oneself

It is obvious that one can never be in the same energetic mood all the time. But, this must not affect the people working around you. If you have taken training under a personal branding consultant then, you must have developed the art of hiding or mixing personal emotions with the profession. This helps in building ones personality and gain favour from the colleagues.

Overall, a personal branding consultant equips a person with the strength, and the psychological control to handle himself during difficult times, which ultimately relates to your success.

What I’ve Learned As an SEO Consultant

Advertising and marketing is implemented for promotional purposes when doing business in many different industries. These industries include art, fashion, sports, travel and computers. The computer industry makes great use of advertising and marketing by utilizing the various online marketing tools that are available, to promote business and personal websites. Online marketing SEO stands for search engine optimization which is, the process of affecting the visibility of a website on search engines, by using legal online marketing tools and techniques. The job of an SEO Consultant is to increase website traffic using these tools and techniques for their clients’ business, so that the they will eventually receive new customers for their products and services.

Having been an SEO Consultant for a few years now, I realize that there are many aspects in being able to effectively complete the optimization process for the client. I’ve learned that potential clients don’t have as much knowledge as they believe they do, before meeting with them. Usually my clients have a website running on the internet, however they haven’t been keeping it up to date with their latest business information. Many of them tend to be part of business networking groups, which they use as the primary way to find customers. Since this is the case, they don’t pay attention to their website enough. However they need to be reminded that online content is the most important tool to promoting their business. We are currently living in a society in which people go online on a daily basis to look for goods and services. The more awareness and web traffic a clients’ website receives, the chances to make sales increases dramatically. That is why informing your client and showing them evidence about the benefits of SEO services, will result in signing up with an SEO provider for a long period of time.

Something else I’ve learned as an SEO Consultant is that, an SEO Consultant needs to be able to explain the details of packages their offering very well so that the client knows exactly what they will be paying for. Otherwise, there is potential for serious miscommunication as the business relationship progresses and the client legally blame you for it. An official business contract that clearly states all the services that will be provided to the client along with the time frame, price, terms of service and cancellation policy must be written out; so that the SEO Consultant will be legally protected.

The SEO service provider must make their client aware of the fact that online marketing can be expensive for their website if they want to sign up for all services due to the combination of optimization, pay-per click advertising (Google AdWords) and social management. A consultant should make sure to let them know how great of an investment it will be for them, and allow themselves to be flexible with the marketing budget. The consultant should ask their client how their business is currently going, number of customers they have, how many they would like to have per month and what the average payment is per customer for their services.

Finally during my time as an SEO Consultant, I’ve learned the toughest but most crucial aspect to being a successful service provider is, knowing how to close the deal. Inform your client about how useful online marketing will be for their website. Then present the official contract you’ve created detailing all the services you will provide them along with rates and time frame each portion of the online marketing will be completed. Once the official contract has been signed by the consultant as well as their customer, SEO services will begin.

Overall, the experience I’ve gain during my time have allowed my team and I to understand how to deal with our clients and add value to their business more than other search engine optimization companies. Visit for more information and contact us today to see how we can help your business grow through online marketing.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Consultant

Could your business benefit from WordPress consulting? Unless you’re a WordPress, web design, and SEO consultant, it absolutely can. WordPress can be a powerful tool that contributes to your online success. Read on for some of the benefits of getting expert advice and professional blog services for your company.

WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. But just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean that just anyone can point and click their way to the top spots in search engines. WordPress is optimisable but there are many factors to take into consideration, including:

  • Layout
  • Optimisation
  • Analytics

WordPress Layout

A WordPress consultant can help you implement a design that will feature your company in the best light possible and that will help your company appeal to your target demographic. Your consultant may recommend a free WordPress template, a premium template, or a customised design. Your consultant will work with you to figure out what your goals and objectives are.


Various aspects of your blog could do a lot for your business in terms of search engine optimisation, or SEO. E.g. Perth companies want to appeal to Perth-area consumers and if your blog is listed in search engines for popular search terms used by people wanting to buy whatever it is that you sell, you could experience a surge of business as a direct result of your blog. A WordPress consultant can help you optimise that blog for search engines, for social media, and for the visitors who arrive on the site – whatever the method or entry page.


A WordPress consultant knows how to create an effective blog, how to help you optimise it, and can use raw data from traffic reports to improve the traffic and the user experience so that you maximise the potential of your blog.

Consulting When In a Career Transition

How many people have you met who are in a career transition and have a business card that says, “Consultant?” Now, how many do you know who are actually doing consulting? Probably not many. It’s something you should seriously consider doing…really. One reason is a simple one: cash flow. But there are other very practical reasons to do so.

If you are (or have been) in transition you know how deflating this can be. You have all this great experience and all of a sudden, no one cares. Well, that’s not true. What is true, however, is that many of the recommendations job seekers get is dated. At the top of the list is the quest for the “information interview.” You know; it’s the one where you’re simply networking and not actually wanting the person you are meeting to offer you a job… Right. Well, that was the way it was done in the 90′s. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t meet people and network. Actually, you should be doing that all the time. One of the most common things I hear from executives in transition is a lament that they did not build an effective network of contacts when they were gainfully employed. You should never be too busy to network. It’s career management 101.

There is a better alternative to the information interview. You’re going to have to reach out to a lot of people to get a just few of these meetings. Usually, they’re a courtesy meeting…something that is arranged for you by a friend who knows the person you want to meet. So while you’re reaching out to these people, why not offer them something they might actually want such as short-term assistance that leverages all of the great experience you have? You know the drill. There is little money in the budget to hire a FTE, but there can almost always be funds for someone to help out for a while. Now you become a problem-solver when you call and not a personal solution seeker.

Examine your background carefully and identify five things that you know you personally do exceedingly well. Call them towering strengths. Keep in mind, these are things YOU do, not the people who used to work for you do. Now, narrow that list to the top three. Those are the skills you will leverage as a consultant. That’s a lot different from simply wanting some part-time work that may or may not be right down your alley. With these three high-powered executive skills you have the making of a good consulting practice. The next step is to identify the places where you would like to do work in those areas, locate the hiring managers at each of them, and then reach out to them as a short-term problem solver. That way you’re not another displaced executive in the job hunt.

I’ve given this advice many times in the past, and I have taken my own advice on more than one occasion. In just about every case, working as a highly skilled executive consultant has led to a job offer. Your goal should be to get and keep three to five clients rather than being delighted with serving one client 24/7. This is what any good consultant would do and your clients expect you to have more than one client, and they will be impressed that you do. When that inevitable job offer appears, you then have a choice to make. By that time you will either really like the freedom associated with being your own boss, or it will be a chore and you will be delighted to get a regular job again. Either way you win. The time you will have spent as an extra pair of highly skilled executive hands will only make you better at what you do. While doing it you will have decent if not excellent cash flow. One other thing you will have that’s very important is a bounce in your step resulting from high self-esteem. It’s just human nature for people to want to make a substantive contribution. This is a good way to have all of these things.