Hiring Non-Immigrants by IT-Consulting Companies – Top Three Concerns

Information Technology consulting companies in United States hire foreign nationals from other countries. Dealing with immigration issues is one of their major challenges. Having worked in a Lawfirm and Information Technology consulting company, I can relate to the challenges that a business owner goes through. I am not an expert, but from my experience I [...]

Make the Best Out of Your Personal Branding Consultant Services!

The competition could hit anyone from anywhere. It could be out of the industry, within the industry or within oneself. Here, shall we discuss on how these three insurgencies strike any particular person or company, and what would be the role of a personal branding consultant in these situations: Outside the Industry A person may [...]

What I’ve Learned As an SEO Consultant

Advertising and marketing is implemented for promotional purposes when doing business in many different industries. These industries include art, fashion, sports, travel and computers. The computer industry makes great use of advertising and marketing by utilizing the various online marketing tools that are available, to promote business and personal websites. Online marketing SEO stands for [...]

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Consultant

Could your business benefit from WordPress consulting? Unless you’re a WordPress, web design, and SEO consultant, it absolutely can. WordPress can be a powerful tool that contributes to your online success. Read on for some of the benefits of getting expert advice and professional blog services for your company. WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use [...]

Consulting When In a Career Transition

How many people have you met who are in a career transition and have a business card that says, “Consultant?” Now, how many do you know who are actually doing consulting? Probably not many. It’s something you should seriously consider doing…really. One reason is a simple one: cash flow. But there are other very practical [...]

How to Get Into Green Consulting

Green consulting is a new and promising career choice. More and more businesses, schools and homeowners are realizing that going green has a positive impact on human health, the environment and the bottom line. Unless they already have significant training and experience, most people will turn to a Green Consultant to help them understand, develop [...]

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Break Through in Your Business!

When it comes time to taking action, do you suddenly come up with all the reasons and excuses not to do it, even if you have some great ideas to grow your business. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Break Through in Your Business! Do you have some great ideas to grow your business,Guest [...]

MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Recruiting Small Business Owners

Are you making the same mistakes most make when trying to recruit small business owners into Network Marketing? Read on! Many Network Marketing distributors overlook for some reason the small business owner and professional. They don’t attempt to talk to them about their products and business as many they believe they simply would not be [...]

Top 10 Uses of Life Insurance in a Family Business Succession Plan

Most family business owners want to keep the family business in the family. This article addresses how life insurance plays an important role in business succession planning. A key part of estate planning for business owners who want to keep their business in the family is deciding when and to whom to transfer the business. [...]

How to Turn an Idea into $100,000

Title: How to Turn an Idea into $100,000 Author: Kathleen … … Word Count: … © 2004 by Kathleen GageWeb address: … … Guid Title: How to Turn an Idea into $100,000 Author: Kathleen Gage Email: [email protected] Word Count: 667 Copyright © 2004 by Kathleen Gage Web address: www.kathleengage.com Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my [...]