Consultant Logo Design – Three Common Errors A Graphic Designer Should Avoid

Every business today is in dire need of new and refreshing ways to promote itself due to such intense and competitive times where customers are presented with a heap of services they can opt for. Therefore, there is a bunch of marketing tactics adopted by the contemporary business entrepreneurs out of which the most apprehended one is a logo.

It helps in reaching the mass audience which expands the overall business exposure both nationally and internationally. To put it simply, a business that reaches more, exposes more and attracts more is the winner in today’s competitive industry whereas; those who are not interested in creating a brand mark for their business are pushed backward.

Consulting businesses are also into the business of marketing themselves with the help of consultant logo but sometimes they end up with a redundant and outdated business identity. Why? Most probably because they think from their own perspective, so to create a brand mark identity one has to think from the mind of the target market.

Let me tell you what are the usual mistakes that a consultant company owner commits while designing his corporate identity?

1- Colors are the biggest part of the deal as every color has its own meaning which has to be reflected through a logo but most of the business owners tend to use the colors which they like and this is where their whole efforts get failed. It is therefore very crucial to choose the right color scheme for such corporate identity. You should;

a) Avoid your personal preferences for you might like red but that won’t go with the nature of the business you are running.
b) Study the color’s meaning so that you can make the most of them in order to impart psychological and emotional influences on your potential customers.

Colors that are mostly preferred by the graphic designers are green, black, navy and red while yellow and orange can be found as a combination to depict achievement, exuberance and boost.

2- This business provides technical solutions and advice to their clients; so in short, we can say that they are the solution providers. It is a common observation that these corporate identities seems not to invite customers for solving their problems. Moreover, it also looks fussy, cluttered and overdone at times which is the opposite of consulting business’s theme. In short, a consulting logo should look corporate in nature and unfussy in style.

3- When we say creative design, we mean a logo intelligently cultivated in a sense that it only represents a particular business. This goal can also be achieved with the help of simple text containing the business name only. Loads of colorful images with a mixture of many colors won’t do the work for you. You can also have a search on various huge corporate identities of this particular business to get an idea of what is creativity?

I haven’t told you about the secret techniques or something out of the world for creating these brand identities, the only thing you need to do is to think from your target audience perspective to come up with state of the art business identity.