Warning: You Don’t Need A Hairstylist, You Need an Image Consultant


This article explains why you don’t need a hair stylist. The problem with using a hair stylist is described. Basically the difficulty lies in the lack of a holistic approach, and the absence of an understanding of the big picture. Using an image consultant is a more effective approach to looking good.


You need to get your hair styled, that’s a given. But you don’t need a hair stylist to do it. The reason is that a hair stylist suffers from tunnel vision. This means they see only your head. They don’t take into consideration the bigger picture.

You need to have a person look at your career, your accomplishments, and your dreams before they touch a hair on your head. A hair stylist isn’t trained to do this, and as a result they’ll focus only on your hair. They miss the big picture.


True, many hair stylists are nice people. They’re friendly. They have to be since they work with people every day. So they may mislead you into thinking that they’re doing you a valuable service by styling your hair. But they’re limited in the same way that a trusts and estates lawyer is limited to knowing only what is related to trusts and estates. Sure, that lawyer may know a little bit about contracts and a little bit about Constitutional law, but he suffers from tunnel vision and can’t usually see beyond trusts and estates. In the same way, a hairdresser may know a little bit about your life and a little bit about your wardrobe, but he still suffers from tunnel vision and doesn’t see the big picture. Even the most celebrated and highest paid hair stylists suffer from this tunnel vision.

Remember, the big picture is all about you. It’s a vision of your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Only an image consultant sees this big picture and can advise you on the appropriate hairstyles for your life, your goals, and your dreams.


Don’t sell yourself short by going to a hair stylist. You’ll miss out on the perspective that only an image consultant can provide.

Men and women of leisure use image consultants to show them new hairstyles that are cute for women, and dashing for men. Only after getting to know you will your image consultant introduce you to a barber or a hair stylist. He’ll even instruct the stylist in how to cut and style your hair for maximum effect. Of course, the cut will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Can you imagine Keith Richards just walking into a barber shop and saying, “Cut my hair, please.” Absolutely not! Instead, he uses an image consultant to find out the best look for his rock and roll lifestyle, and then he gets the barber to do the job right by following the directions of the image consultant. Sometimes, out of frustration, Keith even cuts his own hair rather than walking into a barber shop where he knows they’ll ruin his look!

By using an image consultant you can avoid the tunnel vision that comes with going to a hair stylist or barber. In the final analysis, you’ll discover a better hair style, one more suited to your hopes, dreams, and lifestyle.