Warning: You Don’t Need An Image Consultant or Personal Stylist


This article explains why you don’t need an image consultant or personal stylist. It points out that using the services of an image consultant is a luxury and is usually only appropriate for those who are wealthy, successful, or on their way up in the world.


You may think that you need an image consultant or personal stylist, but the fact is that using one is a luxury, not a necessity. Most people can figure out what clothes to wear with some success on their own; although, unfortunately, many people make mistakes when selecting footwear and business and casual attire. Nevertheless, these mistakes are not life threatening. So most people can get by without an image consultant or personal stylist.


True, many successful musicians, actors, and politicians use image consultants and personal stylists. But they don’t need them either. They usually consider it fun and interesting to use such services. Keith Richards and Jeff Koons, for example, were both already successful and earning millions when they decided to use personal stylists to help them define their look. Their use of an expert in this capacity did not really make them that much more successful, either. They were able to afford the services, so they did it as a fun thing to do.


A necessity is something, like food, water, and shelter, that is vital to life. A luxury is something, like a diamond ring or a Caribbean vacation, that you don’t really need to survive but that is still nice to have. By now it should be clear that using an image consultant is not, strictly speaking, a necessity. By any reasonable man’s standards, it is a luxury.

Image consultants have an obligation to be honest, which is why we’re admitting that we’re a luxury. But for those who have the time and the inclination to enjoy life to the fullest, we’re here for you. Yes, we’re here to provide the same advice that celebrities and A-list actors receive all the time. Just keep in mind that using our services is a treat, like going away to Acapulco for a couple of weeks. You don’t need that, of course, but it sure can be fun.