What I’ve Learned As an SEO Consultant

Advertising and marketing is implemented for promotional purposes when doing business in many different industries. These industries include art, fashion, sports, travel and computers. The computer industry makes great use of advertising and marketing by utilizing the various online marketing tools that are available, to promote business and personal websites. Online marketing SEO stands for search engine optimization which is, the process of affecting the visibility of a website on search engines, by using legal online marketing tools and techniques. The job of an SEO Consultant is to increase website traffic using these tools and techniques for their clients’ business, so that the they will eventually receive new customers for their products and services.

Having been an SEO Consultant for a few years now, I realize that there are many aspects in being able to effectively complete the optimization process for the client. I’ve learned that potential clients don’t have as much knowledge as they believe they do, before meeting with them. Usually my clients have a website running on the internet, however they haven’t been keeping it up to date with their latest business information. Many of them tend to be part of business networking groups, which they use as the primary way to find customers. Since this is the case, they don’t pay attention to their website enough. However they need to be reminded that online content is the most important tool to promoting their business. We are currently living in a society in which people go online on a daily basis to look for goods and services. The more awareness and web traffic a clients’ website receives, the chances to make sales increases dramatically. That is why informing your client and showing them evidence about the benefits of SEO services, will result in signing up with an SEO provider for a long period of time.

Something else I’ve learned as an SEO Consultant is that, an SEO Consultant needs to be able to explain the details of packages their offering very well so that the client knows exactly what they will be paying for. Otherwise, there is potential for serious miscommunication as the business relationship progresses and the client legally blame you for it. An official business contract that clearly states all the services that will be provided to the client along with the time frame, price, terms of service and cancellation policy must be written out; so that the SEO Consultant will be legally protected.

The SEO service provider must make their client aware of the fact that online marketing can be expensive for their website if they want to sign up for all services due to the combination of optimization, pay-per click advertising (Google AdWords) and social management. A consultant should make sure to let them know how great of an investment it will be for them, and allow themselves to be flexible with the marketing budget. The consultant should ask their client how their business is currently going, number of customers they have, how many they would like to have per month and what the average payment is per customer for their services.

Finally during my time as an SEO Consultant, I’ve learned the toughest but most crucial aspect to being a successful service provider is, knowing how to close the deal. Inform your client about how useful online marketing will be for their website. Then present the official contract you’ve created detailing all the services you will provide them along with rates and time frame each portion of the online marketing will be completed. Once the official contract has been signed by the consultant as well as their customer, SEO services will begin.

Overall, the experience I’ve gain during my time have allowed my team and I to understand how to deal with our clients and add value to their business more than other search engine optimization companies. Visit http://www.omidsmarketplace.com for more information and contact us today to see how we can help your business grow through online marketing.